Stop in, order ahead, or get it delivered!

Every item is prepared & cooked to order, ensuring the freshest seafood experience!

Side Orders

Fried seafood and delicious sides.


D’Amato Roll and D’Amato Junior (fried fillet) come with the works (cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, tartar and hot sauce).

Order any sandwich with the works for an extra charge.

Order any sandwich on a roll for an extra charge.


Fried seafood, served with fries and onion rings.

Mixed Platters

Two types of fried seafood, served with fries and onion rings.


A large box full of just your favorite fried seafood or side.

Can mix two items in a box (higher price prevails).

Fish and Chips

Fried fish served with fries.


A variety of fried seafood to feed multiple people. All include fries and onion rings.

Captain’s Platter

Fit for a captain, or your whole family! This variety of seafood and sides feeds 5-6.

Lunch Specials

Fried seafood served with fries or onion rings and coleslaw. Available Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm.

Burgers, Dogs, and Chicken

Classic fares, hand prepared with fresh toppings.

Hot Buttered Rolls

A heap of freshly buttered shellfish, served on a roll. Platters served with fries & coleslaw for an extra charge.


Thick and rich soups filled with freshly prepared seafood.


Made in-house and topped with freshly cooked seafood or chicken.


Cola, diet cola, birch beer, ginger ale, gassosa, orange, pink lemonade, sweetened ice tea. More bottled options available in store by availability.


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